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    Cafelat Tamping Stand

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    The Cafelat one piece tamping stand is an alternative to those who want all the components in 1 tidy package. Once tamping stands were seen as being unnecessary and a bit silly, but now since the introduction of the old Bumper Classic Stand in 2006 tamping stands are seen as a must have accessory for home and professional use. They keep the portafilter steady for tamping and keep the spouts from ever touching the table top, which in turn keeps coffee grounds from ever touching the spouts and from accidently ending up in the cup. The stand is especially useful for when using a single spout on your portafilter or when using a bottomless portafilter. The stand consists of a brushed stainless steel frame covered entirely by a durable rubber coating. Material :Stainless steel and rubber Height incl. base :6.5cm (H) x 9.5cm (W) x 10.5cm (L) Colour options :Black Product Weight :380g Packaging : 1 complete stand per box   KALAP AKHIR TAHUN 5 November - 19 Desember 2018 Harga normal: Rp 530.000 Harga promo: Rp 371.000
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    The Bumper tamping stand makes a welcome return to the Cafelat line-up having been reintroduced by popular demand and using the original molds. This is the grand-daddy of all tamping stands which Paul Pratt developed back in 2005. The idea is to have a stable surface for tamping when using double and single spouts and it keeps the spouts off the table, therefore free of coffee grinds that may end up in the cup. The stainless steel frame has a great satin brushed finish to compliment the Classic Knockbox and a durable rubber mat on the top and bottom. If you want to use it with a naked portafilter just turn the frame part around and use the end without the forks. The tamper seat is included free in the set.
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    Cafelat Mirror Tamping Stand Cafelat Mirror Tamping Stand

    Cafelat Mirror Tamping Stand

    Rp 900.000 Rp 630.000
    Cafelat Mirror Tamping Stand was designed by Paul Pratt to be as completely different as anything else on the market.  Paul also designed the Bumper tamping stand which changed the way people tamp all over the world. This stand is made from solid 304 stainless steel, and is 50% extra heavier than the previous Cafelat tamping stand. It weighs around 600g or 1lb5oz!  The top and bottom feature durable rubber pads. You can use this with either a spouted or naked portafilter to keep your work surface clean and scratch free. It also keeps the spouts free of coffee grounds so they do not end up in the cup. The exterior has been expertly finished by us in-house with a wonderful mirror finish.   KALAP AKHIR TAHUN 5 November - 19 Desember 2018 Harga normal: Rp 900.000 Harga promo: Rp 630.000

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