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Bundel Master A Dripper

Rp 1.100.000 Rp 990.000

Jika Anda ingin melakukan pembayaran dengan kartu kredit atau transfer bank non-BCA, Anda bisa berbelanja di toko Philocoffee di Tokopedia.

Bundel Master A Dripper. Adalah paket untuk pecinta kopi atau kedai kopi yang ingin menggunakan Master A Dripper lebih dari satu, tapi ingin mendapatkan harga hemat.

Dalam paket ini terdiri dari:

Dengan membeli Bundel Master A Dripper ini Anda menghemat sebesar Rp 110.000.


What is Master A?

  • How it works. It makes the taste of manual drip coffee using surface tension and viscosity of water. The precisely calculated hole is made at the center of Water Bottle and Waterspout makes numerous light water drops and evenly disperse them relatively large area grounded coffee, which is the principle with the same effect as the manual drip.
  • Water Bottle. It has the precisely calculated hole at the center of the bottom, it is designed to drop the water at the computed speed into Waterspout, and the size of Water Bottle is differently applied by the function of Waterspout.
  • Waterspout. The calculated multiple micro holes are placed in plural concetric circles, and the quantity of dropped water over the grounded coffee is automatically controlled in proportion to the size of Water Bottle and its hole, the size, the number, and the quantity of the holes in Waterspout.

Why Master A?

  1. “Blooming” process being missing in existing drip makers is possible with Master A. When Water Bottle and Waterspout of Master A are combined, surface tension of water is created, which makes the bloom effect on the grounded coffee for about 30 to 40 seconds. In this process, carbon dioxide is gently released from the grounded coffee and a bread type of grounded coffee is made.
  2. In pouring water in Water Bottle, Waterspout having the calculated 16 holes controls the flow rate and drips semi-automatically. Master A evenly soaks the grounded coffee and disperses multiple water drops over relatively large area of the grounded coffee.
  3. Since Master A is the coffee drip maker holding hot water at all times, 100% of 140°-150° heat-resistant special materials are used considering human factors. Our product has been certified by passing the testing from SGS and customers can enjoy our carefree product.
  4. Master A, the multi-drip device being brewing leaf tea besides coffee beans give deeper taste and flavor of tea for the customers who do not drink coffee by using the same brewing method as grounded coffee.
  5. Separate purchase of drip pot and server is not necessary for Master A unlike other coffee drip devices. You can easily enjoy manual drip coffee anytime, anywhere by simply combining the components in the case.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29 x 14.5 x 12.5 cm


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